The Girl

I am currently living a semi-independent life in the Metro and absolutely loving it because getting lost in the city is so much fun!

I love long walks especially when I am depressed because it gives me the opportunity to reconstruct my mind. The same way I love good conversations over an equally good cup of coffee– hot or cold, black or latte, frappe or espresso, instant or brewed—simply because I am a coffeeholic. And oh, did I just say I’m a chocoholic, too? I’m sucker for sweets!

I suck at Math. I’m not good with numbers but I’d like to believe that I do better in weaving words. I couldn’t say that I am a good writer but I’m always eager to improve on my craft.

I sometimes fail and commit mistakes and from these I learn. I always keep in mind that I am a constant work-in-progress and everyday is a chance to get better.

I can be your best friend or your worst enemy. So don’t you dare provoke me. Coz I won’t fight back! 

I love the beach and the sunshine because I am a summer baby. I also love full moons, the stars and the sound of crashing waves because I’m a hopeless romantic!

I love shopping although most of the time I’m broke and I love singing although most of the time I’m off-key.

I am currently in a relationship with my baby Nik DFowty. It has been three years and still counting. Freaking awesome dude! And together we’ll travel and conquer the world! Because the world has so much to offer and there’s always so much to see.

And for my “Bucket List”:

1. Discover the little secrets of the crazy city called Manila.

2. Set foot on all 7,107 islands of the archilpelago also known as the Philippines.

3. Go parasailing, white water rafting, banana boating, paragliding, or anything extreme!

4. Search for Inca treasures at Machu Picchu.

5. Learn poker and gamble at the “Sin City” — Las Vegas!

6. Conquer Asia.

7. Get a good tan in Palau.

8. Pig out on the best crepe in France.

9. Party all night at Glastonbury Festival’s Silent Disco.

10. Travel, travel, travel and live happy!

So basically, I’m just enjoying life and welcome everything that it throws on me. Life is beautiful. And I just lurve being young, restless and carefree.

And lastly, I love myself, thank you very much.

And oh. Did I also say I’m crazy and I bite?

This is me. Deal with it.



“It’s a crazy planets.”

-Pepsi Paloma’s suicide note