Friday, October 26, 2012

Trip or Treats 2k Twitter Goodie Giveaway

Baguio and Cebu are two of my favorite cities. Hopefully, I will be able to visit again either of the two this coming holidays, together with my love, and it will be fantastic if it's for free!

Lord, I know I've been praying for a lot of things already. But please. I want to win this giveaway so bad!

A lucky follower will win 3 days 2 nights stay at the Hotel Elizabeth!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Solve Move the Box: Boston Level 20

Of the 24 levels of Boston, I had the hardest time solving Level 20. Therefore, I am posting it here so I won't forget next time. Hahahaha.

1. Move Box #1 to the left.
2. Move Box #2 to the right.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I Won Asian Secrets Gift Pack (Not Once But Twice!)

Less than half of what I've won. Still way too much
for my own personal use, I guess. :P hosted a weekly raffle for the whole month of February with Asian Secrets products as prizes. Since all I had to do was fill out a form in order to enter the raffle, I tried my luck.

I've joined several raffles online (and offline) but never won, so I entered the raffle without really expecting to win to the point that I almost forgot about joining the said contest already. It may sound narcissistic but I have this habit of Googling my name sometimes when I am bored. So one evening, I randomly Googled my name and the top search result showed my name under the link to GeekGirlManila's website. I clicked the link and the next thing I knew, I was one of the five winners for  Week 1 of GeekGirlManila's Asian Secrets products giveaway! I won six tubs of lulur whitening body scrub and four bars of bengkoang soap. A total of 10. How cool was that? :)

But my luck did not end there! Aside from the weekly giveaway, GeekGirlManila also hosted a special raffle on Valentines Day, still with Asian Secrets products as prizes. I entered again but did not really expect that I'd be lucky the second time around. But yes! I won again! This time, I won another six tubs of lulur whitening body scrub and eight bars of bengkoang soap. That's a total of 14 Asian Secrets products for Valentine's Day. :D

I claimed my prizes just this morning at Bonaventure Plaza and received a total of 24 Asian Secrets products, which is way too much for my own personal use, I shared more than half to my friends in the office, both boys and girls! :D

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

McDonald's Cadburry Mcflurry

Love ko 'to. <3

Tried McDonald's Cadburry Mcflurry with my younger brother after picking him up from school this afternoon and all I could say was: TOO SWEET.

So what's in a Cadburry Mcflurry and what's making it too sweet? 

Cadburry Mcflurry has the same vanilla ice cream as the Oreo Mcflurry, but instead of crushed Oreos, it has pieces of Cadbury Chocettes mixed into it. I love how Mcdonald's is generous on the amount of Cadbury Chocettes they mix into the ice cream and I hope that they won't skimp on it as time goes by. In addition to Chocettes, they also mix too much an amount of hot fudge, and when I say mix, they DON'T just put it as toppings the way they do it on their sundaes. The result: overly sweet Mcflurry with runny consistency. If not for the Chocettes, I would have entirely regretted purchasing my Mcflurry especially now that I am experiencing financial crisis. Hehehe. The small cup costs P55, by the way, while the larger one costs around P75-P80.

PS: I suddenly missed those days during the 90's when McDonald's here in the Philippines also had M&M's and Butterfinger Mcflurries (aside from the Oreo) and I would request the crew to mix them altogether for the price of a single cup and s/he would comply. I felt so special everytime. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iPhone Silicone Cassette Case

It gives the illusion that you're listening directly
from a cassette tape. ;)

I first saw this kind of iPhone silicone case on Instagram and found the design sooooo clever and cute, I instantly Googled for stores selling them here in the Philippines. As expected, Ebay and Sulit topped the search results, where most online sellers offered them for a price range of P200-P300 apiece. I excitedly told the BF about the new addition to my wishlist and my plans on purchasing one online soon. Being the practical person that he was, he remarked on its expensiveness and added that he once saw similar designs being sold along some Manila streets. I got excited by the thought, so I visited Quiapo when I finally got the chance and found similar cassette cases sold at P80! I was tempted to purchase one but I didn't want to take the risk of taking my beloved phone out in the open for trial fitting because of fears that it might get snatched, much to the disappointment of the vendor when I lied that I left my phone at home. His reaction suggested something fishy so I said "Thank you" and immediately left, praying that I find a similar cassette case in stores located in safer places. Fast forward to yesterday, I was walking  home from work, and guess what I found -- my dream cassette case waiting for me along the sidewalk! For P120, I know it was a bit pricier than those sold in Quiapo, but at least I still have my phone for it to snuggle. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cake from our janitor/tress. So thoughtful! :)
In the office, I am surrounded by people who loves eating so much, we consider each other "eating buddies". During lunch and breakfast, we sit together around our pantry table and eat like a family, laugh together, share  baons, and some chismis too.

Of all occasions, birthdays are our favorite not only because it means lots of free food care of the celebrant, but also because some of us share the same birthmonths, hence the possibility of more than one celebration in a month. But our love for feasting on food doesn't end there. Even during the most mundane days, we chip-in for food for everyone to share, may it be pandesal, isaw, or practically anything edible.

And since today is a Valentine's day, and although it was never declared a working holiday, it still belongs to the category: occasion, we found a reason to celebrate (read: eat).

We did what most couples wholesomely do on Valentine's Day -- we ate together (spaghetti, puto, ref cake, hotdogs, caldereta, laing, rice, etc.), the boys surprised us with roses, we played games, we exchanged gifts, we laughed hard.

And although we weren't able to celebrate the day with our other halves, it was still a great day spent with the people we love, at least platonically.

A rose from my colleague which he stole
from my other colleague's bouquet. Hehe.
Finally, something I can call my own! :D
Watch I received from our exchange gift.    
Happy Valentine's Day! <3

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I miss home...

I miss bumming, watching TV all day, free food, my brother, and the free WIFI. ^.^

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You Give Me Allergies...

...because me looking for you only means I need to do something I hate doing -- MINUTES OF THE MEETING.