Friday, March 9, 2012

I Won Asian Secrets Gift Pack (Not Once But Twice!)

Less than half of what I've won. Still way too much
for my own personal use, I guess. :P hosted a weekly raffle for the whole month of February with Asian Secrets products as prizes. Since all I had to do was fill out a form in order to enter the raffle, I tried my luck.

I've joined several raffles online (and offline) but never won, so I entered the raffle without really expecting to win to the point that I almost forgot about joining the said contest already. It may sound narcissistic but I have this habit of Googling my name sometimes when I am bored. So one evening, I randomly Googled my name and the top search result showed my name under the link to GeekGirlManila's website. I clicked the link and the next thing I knew, I was one of the five winners for  Week 1 of GeekGirlManila's Asian Secrets products giveaway! I won six tubs of lulur whitening body scrub and four bars of bengkoang soap. A total of 10. How cool was that? :)

But my luck did not end there! Aside from the weekly giveaway, GeekGirlManila also hosted a special raffle on Valentines Day, still with Asian Secrets products as prizes. I entered again but did not really expect that I'd be lucky the second time around. But yes! I won again! This time, I won another six tubs of lulur whitening body scrub and eight bars of bengkoang soap. That's a total of 14 Asian Secrets products for Valentine's Day. :D

I claimed my prizes just this morning at Bonaventure Plaza and received a total of 24 Asian Secrets products, which is way too much for my own personal use, I shared more than half to my friends in the office, both boys and girls! :D

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