Wednesday, February 22, 2012

McDonald's Cadburry Mcflurry

Love ko 'to. <3

Tried McDonald's Cadburry Mcflurry with my younger brother after picking him up from school this afternoon and all I could say was: TOO SWEET.

So what's in a Cadburry Mcflurry and what's making it too sweet? 

Cadburry Mcflurry has the same vanilla ice cream as the Oreo Mcflurry, but instead of crushed Oreos, it has pieces of Cadbury Chocettes mixed into it. I love how Mcdonald's is generous on the amount of Cadbury Chocettes they mix into the ice cream and I hope that they won't skimp on it as time goes by. In addition to Chocettes, they also mix too much an amount of hot fudge, and when I say mix, they DON'T just put it as toppings the way they do it on their sundaes. The result: overly sweet Mcflurry with runny consistency. If not for the Chocettes, I would have entirely regretted purchasing my Mcflurry especially now that I am experiencing financial crisis. Hehehe. The small cup costs P55, by the way, while the larger one costs around P75-P80.

PS: I suddenly missed those days during the 90's when McDonald's here in the Philippines also had M&M's and Butterfinger Mcflurries (aside from the Oreo) and I would request the crew to mix them altogether for the price of a single cup and s/he would comply. I felt so special everytime. :)

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