Wednesday, February 15, 2012

iPhone Silicone Cassette Case

It gives the illusion that you're listening directly
from a cassette tape. ;)

I first saw this kind of iPhone silicone case on Instagram and found the design sooooo clever and cute, I instantly Googled for stores selling them here in the Philippines. As expected, Ebay and Sulit topped the search results, where most online sellers offered them for a price range of P200-P300 apiece. I excitedly told the BF about the new addition to my wishlist and my plans on purchasing one online soon. Being the practical person that he was, he remarked on its expensiveness and added that he once saw similar designs being sold along some Manila streets. I got excited by the thought, so I visited Quiapo when I finally got the chance and found similar cassette cases sold at P80! I was tempted to purchase one but I didn't want to take the risk of taking my beloved phone out in the open for trial fitting because of fears that it might get snatched, much to the disappointment of the vendor when I lied that I left my phone at home. His reaction suggested something fishy so I said "Thank you" and immediately left, praying that I find a similar cassette case in stores located in safer places. Fast forward to yesterday, I was walking  home from work, and guess what I found -- my dream cassette case waiting for me along the sidewalk! For P120, I know it was a bit pricier than those sold in Quiapo, but at least I still have my phone for it to snuggle. :)

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