Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Cake from our janitor/tress. So thoughtful! :)
In the office, I am surrounded by people who loves eating so much, we consider each other "eating buddies". During lunch and breakfast, we sit together around our pantry table and eat like a family, laugh together, share  baons, and some chismis too.

Of all occasions, birthdays are our favorite not only because it means lots of free food care of the celebrant, but also because some of us share the same birthmonths, hence the possibility of more than one celebration in a month. But our love for feasting on food doesn't end there. Even during the most mundane days, we chip-in for food for everyone to share, may it be pandesal, isaw, or practically anything edible.

And since today is a Valentine's day, and although it was never declared a working holiday, it still belongs to the category: occasion, we found a reason to celebrate (read: eat).

We did what most couples wholesomely do on Valentine's Day -- we ate together (spaghetti, puto, ref cake, hotdogs, caldereta, laing, rice, etc.), the boys surprised us with roses, we played games, we exchanged gifts, we laughed hard.

And although we weren't able to celebrate the day with our other halves, it was still a great day spent with the people we love, at least platonically.

A rose from my colleague which he stole
from my other colleague's bouquet. Hehe.
Finally, something I can call my own! :D
Watch I received from our exchange gift.    
Happy Valentine's Day! <3

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