Monday, December 20, 2010

My "Ladybug" Bag from Divisoria

Isn't she lovely? <3
By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you my “Ladybug” bag (must be the polka dots). ♥

I spotted this in Divisoria just as when I was about to go home after doing my Christmas shopping. I only had P300 left in my wallet but I just couldn’t resist not buying it. JSYK, I don’t usually schedule my shopping because I don’t want to end up buying things just for the heck of well, scheduled shopping. I go to malls when I’m bored, not necessarily to shop but to walk, eat, think and walk again. I love store-scanning, though. And when I see something that immediately catches my attention, I’ll check it for a while, leave the store, walk around the mall, and if I couldn’t get that certain item out of my head, that’s when I’ll go back to the store and finally purchase it. 

So there, after a few moments on second/third/fourth-thinking, I went home P250 poorer. ;)

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