Monday, January 10, 2011

Eargasm: "Bahaghari" by Rommel Juico

Yes, I still use the old school discman, yo!

I first heard the song “Bahaghari” in the animated movie RPG Metanoia and instantly fell in love with it. Right there and then that I have decided that it will be the official song at my funeral. Although the lyrics are kinda off for a funeral song, I still love its melody. Rommel Juico sounds like Noel Cabangon to me. And I love Noel Cabangon! <3

I couldn’t get the song out of my head after watching the movie that’s why as soon as I got home, I searched for it in the internet. Alas. Nobody has uploaded it yet. I was even willing to download it for a fee of P30 at Star Records but the website said they couldn’t process my transaction right away since it was a weekend and the weekday following it was a holiday. Sucks! The only remaining option was to go to the nearest record bar but since I am living in a sleepy town near Taal Lake, nearest means I have to travel an hour or so.

But finally, after the agony of almost 48 long hours of waiting to get back to Manila, I now own an original copy of the album of the RPG Metanoia soundtracks. A day after though, a friend emailed me a copy of the song which he was able to download online. I guess it was uploaded the same day I bought the album. Oh well, my only consolation is that at least, I was able to support our local artists. :D

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